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There’s a Honeywell Garrett® turbo for just about every size of diesel or gasoline light vehicle engine – from 0.6 liter power units to 12 liter and everything in between. For trucks and off-highway equipment, Garrett's product range meets the needs of engines with power ratings from 60hp to a mighty 4000hp. The Garrett portfolio extends to over 3,500 models – from free-floating and wastegate turbos to world-leading Variable Nozzle Turbine technology and two-stage systems. Where appropriate, products are fully enabled to operate with the advanced actuation systems that integrate turbo control into the vehicle’s ECU.

PV DualBoost DieselDiesel Turbos for Light Vehicles

Honeywell Garrett diesel turbos include a wide range of technologies such as wastegate, VNT™, TwoStage and DualBoost VNT.


Simple in their design and architecture, wastegate turbos are still being widely used today on a variety of engine platforms globally for their proven reliability and cost advantage. With over 50 million units in the field, Honeywell Garrett VNT™ is a key variable geometry turbo technology for auto manufacturers as they seek to enhance light vehicle driveability, improve fuel efficiency and reduce emissions. The latest generation VNT delivers benchmark transient response, low-speed efficiency, reliability, weight savings and packaging flexibility. Honeywell is also a leader in TwoStage turbo technology, offering both Serial and Parallel TwoStage technologies. For light and medium duty pick-up trucks with an engine displacement around 6.0L and above, there is VNT DualBoost Turbo turbocharger that features a host of innovations – including the world’s first double-sided compressor wheel – to help light truck manufacturers achieve near two-stage engine boosting performance in a single package.


PV DualBoost Gas

Gasoline Turbos for Light Vehicles

Honeywell Garrett gasoline turbos help boost a wide range of engine sizes – from the mono-scroll 1.4L Opel Astra, to the twin-scroll 1.6L BMW, the V6 Ford EcoBoost and the V8 twin-turbo BMW X-Series.


As turbocharging gains traction as an essential gasoline powertrain technology, Honeywell Garrett high temperature wastegate solutions are delivering class-leading fuel efficiency and performance benefits through the application of advanced aerodynamics, materials and bearing systems. The latest generation gasoline wastegate turbos from Honeywell Garrett are available in a broad range mono-scroll and twin-scroll configurations to boost engines from 0.9L displacement to premium V8 engines delivering 400kW peak power.


CV Large WastegateTurbos for Commercial Vehicles

On- and off-highway, sometimes it pays to compound the benefits of turbocharging by having two turbos in a series arrangement – for improved transient performance, better low-speed torque, longer turbo life and optimized fuel efficiency. Honeywell Garrett TwoStage turbo systems are increasingly being adopted across a wide range of applications – from small downsized 4.4L construction vehicles to heavy-duty trucks and massive 64L mining equipment. Tougher emissions requirements are making this technology also particularly attractive for smaller displacement medium-duty engines.


The latest generation Honeywell Garrett VNT DutyDrive turbocharger is valued in Commercial Vehicles for its ability to increase fuel efficiency as well as engine power density while meeting emissions through Exhaust Gas Recirculation (EGR) control. VNT DutyDrive turbos, available in different sizes, are especially suited to diesel engines with displacements from 2.5L to 15L – from small delivery vans to large highway trucks and off-highway equipment.


Honeywell Garrett large wastegate and free floating turbos are intended for large off-highway commercial diesel engines, covering a wide range of applications such as mining equipment, generator sets, locomotives and marine applications. While large wastegate turbos cover engines with sizes above 30L and below 64L, the free floating turbos are mainly focused on engines that range from 64L to 105L.