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TS and Scuderia Ferrari Accept Challenge of New Rules for 2018 Formula One Season

 Early season success in 2018 has excited Honeywell Transportation Systems and Scuderia Ferrari engineers working together for the 2018 FIA Formula One World Championship season.

The new F1 regulations for 2018 season include a reduction to three power units (engines) per car per season, down from four last year, with strict grid penalties enforced for teams that fail to comply. Honeywell and Scuderia Ferrari have continued to innovate and improve their technology and processes to get the most out of each power unit.

Before the 2017 season even ended, Honeywell and Scuderia Ferrari began their 2018 development and testing to adhere to these stricter regulations by jointly pushing the limits of their advanced technologies and engineering processes. The result is race ready components and systems with a life expectancy of several additional races without having to restrict engine performance.

“Motorsport is a key force supporting Honeywell innovation,” said Honeywell Transportation Systems Chief Technology Officer Craig Balis. “New development strategies and the technical advances we’ve made with Scuderia Ferrari in motorsport, have served a valuable role in supporting our ability to bring industry changing technology forward addressing automotive electrification and hybridization, as well as helping to further improve overall system reliability, durability and efficiency. This has led to improved process and performance not only on the track, but across our suite of our turbocharging systems, ultimately bringing these advanced technologies to consumers’ driveways.

Honeywell, a global leader and innovator in turbocharging and Connected Automobile technology, has worked with the famed Scuderia Ferrari team since the series rules were changed in 2014 to use turbocharged powertrains.

The Scuderia Ferrari team is off to a strong start this year having won the first two races of the year and currently lead the Constructor’s Championship race.​​